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Business Process Management

Deprived of an understanding of an organisation’s business processes, it becomes difficult to make accurate forecasts, leverage past experience, establish reasonable goals and plans, and make improvements. Nonagon provides tailored BPM solutions to help clients unlock the potential value trapped in daily processes and IT systems. We help clients define, manage and change their processes by aligning technologies and people.

Nonagon's BPM practice consists of:


  • Business Process Auditing

Evaluates the efficiency, effectiveness and value of all core and support business processes of the client's organisation.

  • Business Process Modelling

Demonstrates to clients how their operations, processes and work activities within the organisation interact and how inputs are transformed into outputs that meet internal or external customer needs. Helping clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operation.

  • Streamlined Process Improvement

Enables clients to reduce costs, cycle time and increase effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes.